Crypto Trade Insiders Pro TRIBE — Badass Private Community of “Profitable Crypto Traders"

We’re not normal. And a buck gets ten you’re far from “normal” too.

It’s probably why you’re here, reading this page.

Seth Godin calls people like us “the extraordinary”.

We’re extraordinary  because we’re different; we fall outside of the normal distribution of the bell curve, where the status quo feel comfortable operating. That’s not us.

We operate closer to the edges — at the fringes.

We profit no matter the market conditions and changes.

How would you like to pinpoint market moves? And make potentially huge profits…on nearly 9 of every 10 trades you ever make?

Thanks to months of research and trading results – I can honestly say
that this seemingly impossible dream is now very possible.

Earning an independent living from trading ,serving an audience and mattering to them, is f#cking hard work.

And it can be lonely at times.

Our TRIBE is how we help serve and support our community of the extraordinary, LONG-TERM.

As a member of this TRIBE, here’s what you’re going to get.

  • Access to a vault of videos

These videos will take you by the hand through the steps of

  • Technical analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • How to minimize risk and maximize profits
  • How to find the right coin to trade (what no one is talking about out there)
  • Wealth building and income generating concepts
  • How to flip ICOs for profit
  • Understanding and Identifying Chart patterns
  • Identifying Trend Lines
  • Understanding market circles
  • Daily coins to trade as provided by  A.I bot
  • How you can stay ahead of others in the trading game
  • How to never loss a trade
  • How to open your crypto currency account
  • How to buy from cryptocurrency exchanges
  • How to store your Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies for safety
  • Weekly Market Analysis
  • and more...

The video vault will be updated regularly so you can always stay ahead.

  • 7 Ways to profit from cryptocurrencies

You have only discovered trading as one of the ways to earn from the cryptocurrency revolution. And I know it has been exciting so far. How about discovering 6 more ways to multiply your crypto portfolio

Sounds cool?

In this report, you'll find out exactly that.

  • Daily alerts on coins to trade

I know the hassles of searching for coins to trade. What if there’s a way to simplify this process. Would that interest you?

I have an A.I bot that provide me with coins to trade daily depending on my preferred exchange site. Amazing right?

I know

Well, You’ll be receiving daily coins to trade also.

Let me take you into how the A.I bot works

Watch video below

  • Free membership in our exclusive telegram group

This telegram group is where all members congregate everyday.

We will share any breaking news here, alerts to check your emails for updates and you can message me directly anytime you want.

This is community of like minds so you don't feel alone.

Simply download the app and install it and we will add you immediately and you can be in touch with us directly anytime.

What Does Access To The Crypto Insiders Traders Cost?

Good question.

Firstly, we don’t see our TRIBE as a “cost” (an expense on your P&L).

That’s not what it is.

It’s an INVESTMENT, pure and simple.

In yourself and your future’s not cheap.

I’m charging a higher-than-usual price… for two reasons.

What I am about to share with you is well guarded. Reason why you can’t find this on youtube and those who share this information charge as much as $200 monthly!

Yes, you heard me right, $200 monthly

Furthermore, the truth is the profit pulling trading formula is almost impossible to price. There’s really nothing else like it. Even if we charged =N=50,000  monthly, dozens of individuals would happily pay for it.

It’s about EXPECTING to earn back multiples when you consistently show up
and do the important work. And I am here to help you every step of the way.

The charge is =N=40,000.

And the best part is, this is not a monthly subscription.

You get lifetime access.

Isn't that incredible?!

Listen guys, 

This takes time and commitment…

It requires hard work and guts…

We’re playing the long game…

We’re building long term relationships

And this is why the membership is a lifetime affair.

I am committed to helping you; but I EXPECT your commitment right out the gate.

Over and above the =N=40,000 investment, we also “screen” each and every person who has chosen to join us.

It doesn’t matter if you are already earning a lot from cryptocurrencies or you still haven’t made your first buck.

We want to make sure you’re a fit for our TRIBE. We want to verify that you’re ready to be extraordinary like us.

If you’re accepted, we’ll send you instructions on how to secure your membership. If you’re not accepted, we’ll let you know why, and we’ll part friends.

I can't work with everyone. This is why I have limited the number to 50 only.

I want to be able to work closely with each person and find what works for each of us, and how that dynamic translates to VALUE for the people who pay to be part of the private collective

And I choose not to do this at a large scale.

I prefer small and boutique.

I'm the close and personal type.

If you’ve ever heard of Dunbar’s number then you’ll know it’s a suggested cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships (in which an individual knows who each person is and how each person relates to every other person).

And that number is just 50.

Whether that number is accurate or not is irrelevant. I think from a meta-level perspective, it is.

Meaning, in this context, 50 is better than 500 (or 2,000), etc.

So this is why, currently, we’ve put a cap on how many members (extraordinary) we’re allowing in.

And once we complete 50, I am shutting the door.

Does This TRIBE sound like a “Cinderella’s Shoe” fit for you? If so, we’d love you to have you:

NOTE: If you don’t don't get upgraded within 24hrs after you complete payment send an email to or shoot me a message on Facebook

Listen, don't just take my words for it. I want you to read what others have to say;

I really recommend Cryptotradeinsiders as it

exceeds expectations in the roles of training a novice to understand how to trade in the crypto currency world,

It's detailed oriented and user friendly, which takes

one beyond the regular knowledge about trading by teaching a step by step through videos.

Networking with traders and investors to acquire lots of knowledge and makes one an expert in no time. It shows how to manage risk and get more profit.

In the past, I have made money in the markets only to give it all back again…however this has stopped happening and I am keeping more of what I make…Many thanks and all the best.

Yemi Charles

Crypto Investor and Trader

When I first heard about cryptocurrency and it's potentials for wealth creation, I was hopelessly confused with all the technical terms and complexities.

But Jonathan had a way of taking the complexities of cryptocurrencies and breaking them down to applicable methods.

And apart the fact that he simplifies the process, He has results to demonstrate his expertise.

You'll make yourself a lot of money listening to him.

Jordan Nwachukwu


I find Jonathan's enthusiasm and continuous quest to demystify the knowledge of cryptocurrency and impact the human race starting from the grassroots as very impactful and unstoppable.

When you approach Jonathan’s strategies you have to really approach them with the attitude of throw the rest of the garbage out and just focus on Jonathan’s stuff.

Become one with the market. Get the rest of the garbage out. Do some cleansing.

Joke Enaks

Product Creator, Birrion

Joe, this is ingenious. I can really see the areas of support and resistance coming and anticipate price moves to make money.

And “I never realized how interesting charts could be. Of course, it may have something to do with discovering profitable trades!”lol

You have no idea how grateful I am that you and your course have come into my life. There is nothing more important to me, nothing (other than God and my family) than becoming a successful crypto trader, and now I know , after 2 years of trying and trying and trying, that I am going to reach that goal. Thank you!!!


Crypto Trader


Early in 2018, I decided to start the complicated process of “simplifying” Cryptocurrency Trading.

As you now know, I am very cautious about those who I attract into my fold, because I want to rapidly bond with them, and then turn them into SUPER-FANS (meaning they buy everything I put out because why? they are seeing massive results).

Well, I shared that initial “brain dump” with 2 members of our 3% Mastermind (a private community):

This is what they said:

If you have heard of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency and you're wondering, "how does one make money with this?", if you are already in and not making clear progress as you still find yourself lost in looking at charts, if trading sounds complicated and you want your trading to improve dramatically, I have the answer you've been looking for.

It's Jonathan Oviomaigho.

Jonathan’s got a different way of doing things and I feel totally confident in his methods. Nothing’s 100% in trading, but Jonathan’s strategies and methods are pretty close.

In uncertain markets like these, having a strategy is very important and Jonathan has made that accessible and easy to understand for anyone willing to learn and improve.

I have watched him grow from a total newbie to an expert in the crypto space. He’s the only one I’ve seen that puts trading strategies all together in such a structured way.

You should listen to him. More importantly, buy this course and succeed.

Ronald Nzimora

Curator, Crypto Insiders PRO

I don't see many persons  who are willing to put out strategies like these so anyone can have access and profit using them.

Nearly everyone in the trading world uses the same analysis tools in almost exactly the same way.

But Jonathan is providing a different approach to the market and I find this commendable.

Do you want a positive difference in your trades?

Here you have your answer.

       Toyin Omotoso

         Founder 7star systems

There you have it guys

Time to make your decision. Remember this is not for everyone. It's for those ready to be extraordinary and also want to achieve extraordinary results with cryptocurrencies

Now, what’s it going to be?

Continue struggling and burning your hard earned money trying to trade cryptocurrencies?


Learn from someone who is already successful doing it daily?

The choice is yours.

Remember what Paul said?

Paul Zane Pilzer said that millionaires are made as a result of “choice & attitude“.

So if This TRIBE still sounds like a “Cinderella’s Shoe” fit for you, we’d love you to have you:

NOTE: If you don’t don't get upgraded within 24hrs after you complete payment send an email to or shoot me a message on Facebook

Jonathan Melody

The Blockchain Apostle

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