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My name is Jonathan Melody and if you want to talk about someone who has gone from knowing nothing about profitable crypto trading to pulling huge profits from the market daily,

That's me

And now I want to help you.

You'll be amazed when you see how easy winning can be.

Just make sure you have turned off your other devices and logged out of Facebook.

Just imagine earning $2,500 every week from 30mins of trading

Picture How Rich You'd  Be if You knew Market Turning Points BEFORE They Happened

In case you're yet to realise, the invention of the blockchain technology is the greatest breakthrough events of human existence.

It’s a system that can help you make 10 times your money and a total control over it. An absolute freedom to be who you want, get what you want without having anyone question why you did it.

It is an opportunity to innovate without having anyone monitoring what you do.

This training is going to be fun and enlightening.

And it’s going to be very very profitable for you IF you take action.

I will be giving you some really cool ideas and strategies that have worked for me personally and I will not be teaching you any theory. I will be teaching you real practicals.

I know that when you apply these strategies, you will probably see tremendous results like I do.

So, on this training, we would get into;

  • An overview of the cryptocurrency revolution, why you should pay attention and also get involved.
  • We would talk about how you can get your first bitcoin and keep it safe so it doesn't get stolen.

You see this is a really young industry and it’s still a bit of a “jungle”, meaning that if you make a little mistake, you can lose everything you have put in. So I will be showing how I do it to keep my funds safe and impregnably secure.

  • We would talk about how you can double or triple your bitcoin using the profit pulling formula.

This is how I am able to increase my portfolio by over 800% within 3 months

So you might be wondering, who is this Jonathan Melody and why should I even care to listen to him?


I am a regular guy, I live in lagos and a graphic designer at Bome media solutions and Profit marketing systems a very successful digital marketing company, which boasts of clients such as NairaBET, 1960BET, ThisDay, DayStar Church’s SuccessPower International, PWAN Realty, Success Attitude Development Centre, Enlightened Media, TRW Stockbrokers, RealtyPoint Ltd and many more.

I became interested in cryptocurrencies about 2 years ago. But became actively involved a year ago.

I love God, I love my family and I love making money and teaching others how to do same.

A lot of persons never knew I was involved in cryptocurrencies until my mentor shared my results.

click the video below to watch;

That's amazing right?

But what you don't know is, it was more than just buying and holding those coins.

And I am here to share that with you.

You will agree with me that HODLing Can be Tiring, waiting for months before you can see any meaningful gains. That's even when the market decides to smile on you.

And if you are impatient like me, then you should read this page to the end because  this training is written to turn you into someone who can multiply money not just someone who makes it.

Some of what I will be showing you will be pretty mind-blowing, you may not get my results and I am not promising you my results, right?

What I am showing you if you implement them can be a whole lot profitable for you than it is for me even.

I am starting from scratch and I ask you to stick around because there are some juicy parts coming.

So let’s dive right in.

You know I see a lot of marketers say, “don’t give your best out. Sell it.” Right? “Just give a little, and then sell the actual, the actual thing.”

I don’t believe in that. I believe in giving out my best stuff. Why? Because it’s been proven in my life, over and over and over again, that the more I give, the more I help people, the more blessed I get.

I don't know about you. But I love being blessed.

I want to ask you guys a question, how many people can watch their portfolio go from 100% to 10%?

That’s a 90% loss!

Ahha! not so many right?

Forget the HODL bullshit being spread out there.

It is the worst strategy to follow if you want to make good money and quick in the crypto space.

You see, not so many understand the wealth creation equation.

The biggest thing you'll learn from being a business person is there are two sides to money.


  • 1
    Making it and then there’s
  • 2
    Multiplying it.

My mentor will always tell me how his father sits him down to talk about money and keeping it.

His father said;

“The easiest financial skill is making money, and the hardest is KEEPING the money you make.”

And you know what?

He was right.

Every word there is true because the hardest thing I have come to learning is how to keep the money I have made.

To keep the money you make, you have to multiply it.

To multiply it, you need to find vehicles to put the money in so that when matched with time, it can create almost magical multiplications of that money.

And there’s an equation for that.

Here it is:

Money + Multiplication Vehicle x Time = WEALTH

As simple as this equation looks, it’s hard to implement.

This is not surprising at all, because even though a lot of people know how to make money, very few know how to MULTIPLY the money they have made.

So to get more money, they have to work harder, and longer.

They have to go back to work and “hustle” over and over.

Has it ever occurred to you how the rich are becoming richer?

Look at the families of, the Gates, Bransons, Dangote, Ojukwus, Abiolas, Otedolas e.t.c.

What’s the common thing about them?

They know how to multiply their money.

And you know what?

Anytime a money multiplication vehicle comes around, the rich create barriers to keep it from themselves.


In 2009, a man with the pseudo name satoshi nakamoto (so many have tried unveiling his identity but failed) decided to create a system of trust because he was fed up with the lies and regulating systems the government had in place, how the poor were robbed of their money and it given to the rich.

In making this a reality he developed the first decentralized digital currency. one that would not only be extremely VALUABLE, it would also be virtually UNTRACEABLE, and UNSEIZABLE. To ensure this, he limited it to a maximum 21 million units only.

This digital currency is called bitcoin.

In November 2014, when the Central Bank of Argentina devalued the country’s paper currency Peso by 25%, it’s people rushed into cryptocurrency and Bitcoin price went up and nearly hit $400.

When the Military took over Power in Zimbabwe in November 2017, Bitcoin prices jumped from $7,757 to over $10,000. In Zimbabwe itself, Bitcoin was selling for $13,500 and Golix, the country’s currency exchange processed more than $1 million of transactions in 30 days, compared with their turnover of $100,000 for the whole of 2016.

And just last December after Donald Trump the President of the USA announced he would recognize Jerusalem as the new capital of Israel, Bitcoin prices went from around $10,000 hitting over $20,000 by December 2017.

amazing right?

But what so many people didn't know is, it wouldn't always keep going up because it is a volatile market.

This is why the smart money always wins because they understand the market.

Wouldn't it be nice to profit from these price swings than just buy and hope the price goes up? Waiting for news to impact the rise in value of a coin?

You don't want to be like those who bought bitcoin when it was at $20,000 and now they just pray it goes back up because they are at a 50% loss.

I don't want you to face same and This is why I want to show you how I did it so you can also.

So what is it that I did that got me these results?


Yes, as simple as it sounds, there are things you must know before trading.

Here are some of my recent results.

That's a total of =N=128,000+ Profit from 3 Trades in a Single Day!

First of all I need you to understand that there's more to trading than you know. You don't want to head over to binance or any other exchange and start trading because I said so. If you do, you'll crash badly.

 Here's a message I got from a friend.

You see, there’s a lot you need to know and understand.

so, if trading can be so profitable, why are people not trading more?

  • Higher Risk

The risk involved in trading is very high. You can lose all your capital if you are not equipped with the right knowledge and how to play it right. That's exactly what happened to the friend I shared his story.

  • Constant Attention is required

Now, not so many people can stay fixed to their chairs and looking into their monitor, monitoring the movement of charts. Trading can be very boring and you can turn a social zombie.

I know some trading guys who are socially awkward because all they do is sit, analysing charts and damn! they are good at it.

  • Technical Analysis is required

You need this knowledge because this is how you get to predict a potential uptrend or downtrend in  the volatile market.

Now, how does trading differ from just investing?

Investing is buying into a project and hoping that the value appreciates someday

Trading is taking advantage of the price swings of the volatile market and profiting from these swings.

However, regardless of what you choose, you still need to be able to get a coin at a discounted price. This is why technical analysis is important.

Now, what do you need to start trading profitable?

  • A Wallet
    a wallet is where your private keys are stored and allows an easy sending and receiving of cryptocurrencies.

  • An Exchange(Binance)
    Where you will have your active trades.

  • Understanding Time Frames
    You need to understand the different time frames and know which is suitable for your personality.
    This will help you classify yourself into the type of trader you want to be.

  • Technical Analysis
    You need to be able to analyse the market., you need to have a strategy. If you can't do this, you're doomed.
  • Bitcoin or Ethereum or Naira

Listen, My promise to you in this article is, I will feed you healthy. I will give you the right information that will help you grow your portfolio.

I’m going to share from my experience and as I show you what to do, I hope you implement what you learn so you can profit.

what I will be sharing works, and anyone can use it. It doesn't matter where you're from. whether you’re just graduated from University… and whether you work at a job somewhere or already retired or maybe you can be running your own business. You can be just anybody. No matter who you are or what you do, you can turn as little as=N=70,000 into =N=1,000,000 or more in less than 90 days.

I have crystalized everything I have learnt for the past 7months since I actively got involved, into a system I called the

"The Profit Pulling trading formular"

And it works like gangbusters. How do I know that?

Because this is what I use. this is same formular that made me over 300% in less than 2 weeks.

Let me show you what most people do or what you're currently doing vs what I do

What Others do


What I do

What you're doing isn't wrong.

But Guys.

Wouldn't it be nice to make an extra 23% profit instead of just 91%, you make 114%

Here's how the profit pulling formula works?

The Profit Pulling Trading formula…is finally a technique that combines Time with Price Action and volume. Before this they had never been truly integrated. But they are now. Using a simple, highly accurate strategies that lets you and me trade with techniques similar to those used by some of the world’s top market experts.

This formula is based on one prime philosophy – it hates to lose. It won’t give up even a single dollar without a fight. With this formula, the market will have to rip each dollar out of your hands.

It’s amazing how quickly your winnings can pile up when you almost never give any back.

Using this formula does not only provides you the opportunity for giant-sized gains, it protects you from major loss.

so you,

  • Buy Bitcoin or Ethereum
  • Find a certain type of coin(s) depending on what you're starting with.

I will tell you how to go about this. Just hang in there with me…

  • Verify with A.I bot which analyses change in price and volume and the period it's happening
  • Run it through technical analysis using tradingview
  • star
    Run it through fundamental analysis
  • star
    Enter trade
  • star
    Exit trade
  • star

Now, Let’s see how you can buy your first bitcoin and set up your tradingview account.

Watch the video below

Wasn’t that easy?

Now, to keep your bitcoins safe , you need to make sure you do the following;

  • Don't click random links on the internet
  • Install an anti virus such as "malwarebyte" on your system
  • Add 2FA to all your accounts including you gmail account
  • Key your private keys in a safe play and never give them out
  • Get a cold wallet

    Let’s now talk about how to really increase your portfolio by 100%, 200%, 400% trading altcoins through compound interest.
Albert Einstein once said:

Compound interest is the 8th Wonder of the World...
He who understands it earns it...
He who doesn't pays it!

Come with me to compoundaily to see what I am talking about.

Click on the video below

Can you all see the possibilities guys?

Now there’s just two more thing which is where the magic happens.

The exact coin to trade and how to use technical analysis to know when you enter a position and when to sell for at least 5% daily profit.

Let’s still assume you’re starting with $200

You find 2 coins

Enter a position with $100 each

Exit position after 5% total profit.

Repeat daily for 30 days or 60 days or 90 days

Depending on what you want to achieve

Do you think this is possible?

You bet!

Let me take you into the charts to see how possible this is

Watch video below

Listen guys, I am not a juju priest who divines with the gods to know the secrets of the world, nor a Prophet who sees the unseen.

So how do I do all of these?

There are two methods to achieving this;

Method 1: Plain Old Tiring Headache-Filled, Failure-Ridden Hardwork

one way you can know what crypto to buy and how to analyse it is burn sleepless nights watching as many YouTube videos as you can. which at the end makes you more confused than when you started.

And you will most likely be incredibly UNLUCKY, end up making mistakes and lose all your money like my friend above.

This is because the real information is not visible to the public on youtube.

or get involved in the many pump and dump scams out there. (Trust me you don't want to be one of the 92%)

or continue running around looking for coin of the day.

It’s hard to separate the gems from the garbage.

Remember, so many wolves are out there. Don’t get caught up in these pumps and dumps

It’s even harder for average investors not to mention for a day trader.

 Which is why you need an…


Which brings me to…

Method 2: The System That I Use.

Knowledge carefully organized into modules and the use of an A.I bot

I have spent countless nights to sieve out the gem from the garbage.

I have invested in courses to learn technical analysis combined with the A.I bot that analyse coins daily for me.

The A.I bot analyses the market to see which coin in currently receiving an increase in volume. And looking at past events it shows be if it’s a potential buy and combining this with my technical analysis, I am always invincible guys!

This was how I got to know about telcoin and DNT (District0X) even before my mentor told me about them and that was even an additional confirmation that the system I am using works.

This is why…

I decided to begin sharing the unique insights into trading cryptocurrencies for massive profit.

I want to invite you to join our exclusive online membership crypto trading community so you too can begin to share from the unique insights.

Together we can change the world while we also get fabulously rich.

This exclusive club is called…

Crypto Insiders PRO Traders

Crypto Insiders PRO Traders is an exclusive membership group created for savvy cryptocurrency Trading enthusiasts who want to get the best information on time, want to know how to make the most profitable decisions in deciding what to buy, when to buy and when to sell their cryptocurrencies for massive gains.

You see, 

I can’t do my best work in isolation.

I need help from other smart motivated people.

Which is why I created Crypto Insiders Pro Traders TRIBE. It’s for you. And others like you.

Come join us

Jonathan Melody

The Blockchain Apostle

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